Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download – Xiaomi has achieved a leading position in the world of innovation with some very innovative smartphone and the latest technology. Similarly, with the release of Mi Mix 3, the company again became the talk of the town this because this smartphone will be present with the constituents of 5 g. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Australia includes 8 GB of RAM along with 256 GB internal storage capacity. It also includes dual camera 12MP + 5MP rear with LED flashlight powerful 8MP camera front, while providing some of the most amazing selfies.

Xiaomi Mi Mix release date Australia is said to be in the month of October, but before the release of this smartphone is said to be somewhere near August. However, due to several factors-oriented high technologies, this smartphone is expected to be released in October. If you live in Australia and would like to buy new Xiaomi, you may have to wait longer. So, take care to keep your nerves under control and wait patiently as it has a high chance to be a good friend for you by providing some of the most amazing features for you.

Xiaomi price Mi Mix Australia will be among the range of 550-650 AUD. Previously, the price of this smartphone is said to be around 500 AUD, but now after a few rather recently, the price of this smartphone is predicted around 650 AUD. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download – It has been said by the market opinion leaders that low price cell phones Xiaomi serves as an added value for its Smartphones because people somehow are fed up with a very expensive smartphone. Also, it is said that the price of this smartphone will provide intense competition with other smartphones such as the iPhone and Google Pixel X 3.

According to some recent leaks, one of the remarkable elements that have been confirmed is the element’s “5 g’s”, that is without a doubt the most ardent supporter of the technology when it comes to Band LTE. Most smartphones in the market still operate on 4 g LT like Huawei Mate 20 Lite and OPPO Realme 2, but when it comes to Mi Mix 3 smartphone lovers will come to the edge of 5 g.

3 new mix comes with a little big in terms of capacity and the proportion of its storage. It comes with a 256 GB internal memory storage. Internet storage of this smartphone is said to provide an operating system that allows maximum memory and graphics-oriented video games and professional applications. This phone comes with 8 GB of RAM, along with support microSD cards. It is said that the person will not use the microSD card due to its high internal storage is provided by Xiaomi.

Camera Mi Mix 2 pocketed some of the features of the latest cameras all the time where the camera not only captures high-quality images but also provides the maximum level of aperture and shutter values in cameras that deliver quality pictures and videos Professional. The back of the camera settings will accommodate double sensor 5MP and 12MP, while the camera looks to the future will 8MP. The rear camera will offer some AI included and would be suitable for recording up to 4 k video determination. With regard to this smartphone, you can be very sure about the execution of her camera. Rear camera Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 have double slit with a 12MP sensor f/2.0 while the front camera is equipped with a 5MP sensor with slit f/2.0. As you would expect, the images captured are entirely wonderful and surprising.

Not only does this Smartphone comes with a big screen but also gives a resolution of full HD + also. Significant changes will occur in the alleged future of this smartphone. Should be any screen event 6.9 inches with a proportion of 18:9 perspectives and further determination of Full HD +. Images that spill does not leave a lot of interesting places for the front side, but we can imagine it through renders. If you are using a smartphone, then the maximum quality with regard to the appearance of this smartphone is assured for you.

This time to control a large part of this, Mi Mix 3 would pack batteries with great performance 4000mAh which will allow having a maximum battery time. However, this means you don’t need to frequently replace the phone. If someone is using a Mix of 3 directly within a day, and even then You won’t run out of battery. The Smartphone will have the capacity to provide energy via the USB port Write C and security will be maintained through the use of unique sign mounted again. Specifications battery Mi Mix 3 it is clear that the user can listen to the song, live broadcast or just make a call but this smartphone will not disappoint your request.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download

Flashing Stock Rom will help you to update your device with a newer version of Android or longer, to fix bugs, to format your device, to get root access, etc. In this page, you can get Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Rom Firmware Download from the link below and use the flashing tutorial to flash the stock rom for your device.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 OTA China ROM

File Name: miui_MIMIX3_8.10.25_8ddd266e77_9.0.zip
File Size: 2 GB
Link: Download

File Name: miui_MIMIX3_V10.0.11.0.PEECNFH_1ca3163dcb_9.0.zip
File Size: 2 GB
Link: Download

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 China Fastboot Rom

File Name: perseus_images_V10.0.11.0.PEECNFH_20181108.0000.00_9.0_cn_d834ba2df7.tgz
File Size: 2 GB
Link: Download

If the link file is broken or not working please contact here.


  • Before flashing your device, ensure your battery is fully loaded. 
  • Make backup data before flashing, All data will be erased. 
  • Please think twice before continuing.
  • All risk and responsibility in the use of this tool are entirely for the user. If it didn’t success or the stock rom brick your device do not blame me, you use it at your own risk. 

How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Mix 3  

Follow the steps below to flash the firmware to Android devices by using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL Tools):

  1. Download and Install Qualcomm USB drivers. If you install and use the Flash Images Uploader Qualcomm (QFIL) on the PC/Laptop running Windows, you must have supported Driver support that Supported Qualcomm. Click here to download and install the Qualcomm USB Driver. (Skip this step if you already install the driver)
  2. Next Download QFIL Tools and extract the zip file anywhere on your computer. (We recommend to extract it on Your desktop/Laptop PC. Once extracted, open the folder.

    How To Flash Android phone using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

  3. Then in the QFIL Folder, click the file and open the QFIL application.
  4. Now the QFIL Tool is running on the screen on your computer

    How To Flash Android phone using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

  5. Switch off your phone using the power button
  6. After your phone is turned off, hold down the Volume button UP Now and try to connect your phone to PC/Laptop using a USB cable
  7. Your phone model will be shown on your PC
  8. The next step Click the Browse option to choose Stock ROM you downloaded on the application QFIL

    How To Flash Android phone using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

  9. Click Browse and choose the right firmware you downloaded from a folder
  10. Then click the Download button to start the flashing process.

    How To Flash Android phone using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

  11. The installation process will take almost 10-15 minutes to complete. Wait! Do not disconnect your phone from your computer.
  12. When done, your device will reboot automatically.

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